Simon’s Log #1: Intro & Planning

Simon here, be warned. My blog posts will not be as eloquent and articulate as my other half’s. Instead, mine will be a collection of random thoughts, observations, tips, and stories from our travels. Vic is the voice of our blog, so think of me as a guest speaker chiming in from time to time.

Pack light: Bring what you absolutely need, not what you think you need. Experienced travel bloggers warn that packing light is essential, and boy is it true. When you’re packing for a round the world trip like this, pack as you normally would. After you’re done, take a step back and aim to reduce it by half. You will thank yourself when you are helplessly navigating the train stations, airports, and alleyways. Luckily, Vic and I brought smaller backpacks that forced us to pack fewer items.

Bring Cash: Vic already discussed this in detail, but I just want to re-iterate this. Don’t be stranded like we were our first night. Although we got a good work out, it definitely was not the way I had envisioned our first night in Tokyo.

Wifi Rental: For a place as hi-tech as Tokyo is, free Wi-fi is not as common as you would think. I highly recommend renting a portable Wi-fi card when you travel to Japan. Sign up for this online at least 3-days before you land in Japan so it will be ready for you to pickup at the airport. We did not plan accordingly for this and had to go 4 days without the luxury of Google Maps, Yelp, and the Internet. We just had to do all of our planning before we left the hotel, and screen shots were our friend. Worst case scenario, go ask a local!


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