A Happy Place

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Just a short walk away from our ryokan in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto, the famed Sagano Bamboo Forest was definitely a highlight of our trip. It is here that one can find a sense of serenity, giving new meaning to the saying, “Find your happy place.”


The natural beauty of the bamboo brings about positive effects on those humbled in their graceful presence. For a brief moment, all is well in the world. The towering stalks quell the most nervous of nerves, spark inspiration, sooth the heart, and provide peace of mind. This is a tranquil environment for those who seek refuge from the stress and noise of daily life.

The lush bamboo shrouded us from the sun and provided a cool shady haven. Nevertheless, slivers of sunlight still made it to the forest floor, where layers of fallen bamboo leaves, now pale yellow with age, have become a part of the forest bed. Gentle winds caused the bamboo stalks towering high above us to bow and sway with a delicate rhythm, their rustling leaves making a sound like falling rain.

Simon and I spent a long time getting lost in that forest.

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