Foodie’s Delight

Hong Kong made sure we had a place to stay, and reunited us with old friends. Hong Kong fed us well, filling our hungry tummies with comfort food. Hong Kong listened and understood our needs for we spoke the same mother tongue. In short, Hong Kong welcomed us with open arms, and we felt right at home in this concrete jungle of the east.




On the surface, Hong Kong appears to be a densely populated metropolis chock full of high rise buildings, luxury condos, and a smattering of neon signs. But beyond all that metal, glass, and concrete, there lies an old school flavored life nestled within this modern financial center powerhouse. Traditional fish markets, hole in the wall eateries, and mom and pop businesses are some of the hidden gems that make Hong Kong such an exciting place to visit.

In addition to spending quality time with old friends, and enjoying the urban sights both modern and traditional, Simon and I only had one item on our agenda, which was to eat our way through Hong Kong. Our methodically planned out eating routes took us all around town to discover Micheline star rated dim sum, silky congee, heavenly desserts, and steaming sticky rice dumplings, all washed down with a hot cup of boiled Coke with lemon for me (don’t hate until you try it), and Hong Kong style milk tea for Simon.

This post is a far cry from food porn, but believe us when we say that Hong Kong’s endless culinary delights always leave us hungry for more.














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